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Dr. Jen Clark has worked with our son Sebastian for the past 10 years and she has been a savior in our lives. Jen came highly recommended from the most recognized experts in the field.  She did not disappoint!  She has guided, taught, nurtured and given boundless love to Sebastian, and he still calls her his "best friend".  Her true passion and  professionalism, paired with her psychological insight, is remarkable.  Jen's work ethic is unparalleled, and her expertise as a therapist is beyond impressive. Sebastian’s progress is due to the focus and energy Jen has put forth.  We are forever grateful for her loyalty, hard work and dedication to our son and our entire family. 


Tommy Hilfiger 

Jen's passion and persistence has resulted in a quality of life for our son, Sebastian, that has exceeded our expectations.    Her dedication, intuitive understanding, and love for Sebastian is the reason he has progressed beyond anyone's imagination.  Jen's loving, calm, and playful demeanor allowed her to create a beautiful bond with our son, over the years, that continues to this day.  He looked forward to every session he had with her, as she was able to capture his attention with exciting activities and imaginative pretend play.   She continues as our most trusted adviser overseeing our son's continued progress.  We are forever grateful to Jen for all that she did for our son and our family!  We have recommended her to family members and friends and they share our awe of her talents as a therapist!


Dee Hilfiger

My son loves COAST.  He is learning to navigate social situations and the city in an age-appropriate way.  COAST is teaching him these skills , and at the same time, he is having so much fun!  He comes home and enthusiastically shares the activities of the day!


I call Dr. Jen and her team "my angels"!  This is because they gave me hope when my son, Tiago was young and he struggled to communicate and learn like other children his age.  Dr. Jen was able to make learning fun and engage Tiago so that he was eager to learn.  He is now in mainstream school, has friends, and is a joy to be with!  I can't sing her praises enough!  Dr Jen changed his life!

Anna Netrebko

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